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Species of Concern and Endangered Species Factsheets

Welcome to the fact sheets page! Here you will find fact sheets on a select group of Endangered Species and Species of Concern. Click this link for a definition of Endangered Species. Click this link for a definition of Species of Concern.

Fact Sheets
Below is the list of those species for which fact sheets have been developed. Click each species name to view the fact sheet.

   ButtonAlabama shad
   ButtonAtlantic Sturgeon
   ButtonBlueback herring
   ButtonChinook salmon
   ButtonCoho salmon
   ButtonGreen sturgeon
   ButtonGulf Sturgeon
   ButtonJohnson's Seagrass
   ButtonLargetooth sawfish
   ButtonMangrove rivulus
   ButtonNassau grouper
   ButtonPacific Herring
   ButtonRainbow smelt
   ButtonSaltmarsh topminnow
   ButtonShortnose Sturgeon
   ButtonSmalltooth sawfish
   ButtonSteelhead Trout

These fact sheets provide much useful information on each species, including: a picture of the species, a map of the species' range, quick facts about the species, conservation notes (describing threats to the species, the importance of the species to humans and estuaries, information on how to help protect this species and species status) and life history information (describing the species and it's relatives, size, diet, reproduction, habitat and range). 

How Was This List of Species Chosen?
The above list of Endangered Species and Species of Concern appear across the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS). There are many more Endangered Species and Species of Concern than are listed here. This is a starting point of those most widely spread across the NERRS.  We may add to this list in time, so visit often!

Special Thanks
We thank the following for their assistance in creating and editing these fact sheets:

Want to be a reviewer or have questions? Click here to send us your comments on the factsheets.


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