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Invitation to a Water Quality Webinar
Use NOAA Data in the Classroom to Explore Life in an Estuary

Reserve Educator Receives Award
Binational Award for Environmental Stewardship of Lake Superior

Celebrate Estuaries Week!
Join us in a weeklong celebration of our Nation's estuaries

More News...
      Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea.  Welcome to where we aim to advance estuarine and coastal literacy. Explore these living classrooms and laboratories - our estuaries -, discover their importance and beauty, and learn what you can do to protect them. Learn more about this site.    
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EstuaryLive New Video Collection
Access over 100 videos covering estuarine & coastal related issues.
EstuaryLive Celebrate National Estuaries Day
Organize an event or participate in festivities across the country.
EstuaryLive Life in an Estuary
Interesting facts about fish and plants that live in our nation's estuaries.
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Where We Work
Science & Data Access Real-Time Data
Work with Estuarine Data to teach estuarine principles and concepts.
Science & Data About NERRS SWMP Data
Learn about the parameters tracked by SWMP and its applications.
Science & Data Estuaries 101 Curriculum
Modules feature data explorations, hands-on learning & field work.
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